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Event Management and Personel Security

We develop client orientation with discreet and personal consultation based on comprehensive danger analysis and individual security solutions, tailored to your specific situation and personal needs.

Our recipe for perfect task management is based firstly on farsightedness: for security can be planned, and the sooner the better: and secondly on our experienced, highly-trained and dedicated personnel.

Optimising computer-controlled activity means not only optimised security and service, but a minimisation of costs at one and the same time.
Hardware and software – More than just providing attendant or ancillary systems for sale or temporary loan or rental, we guarantee a controlled, comprehensive, real-time reporting structure for gathering and processing information. Coverage and resource planning are specific to our clients’ needs and prepared both comparatively and analytically. Such information is indispensable for conducting corrective and preventive measures.

We work exclusively on the basis of legal regulations and are authorized in accordance with § 34a of the German Industrial Code. F.B.I.S. GmbH is a member of the BDWS Federal Association of German Security Companies

Follow us into a secure future

The F.B.I.S. 24 hour emergency call centre with video surveillance is manned 365 days a year

F.B.I.S. Security personnel / qualification

Our security personnel are at the heart of the services we provide, which is why we set great store on their careful selection by means of the strictest recruitment and selection procedures, which include reliability testing. Our selection and recruitment practices, as well as opportunities for promotion, are always objective and in accordance with the principles of equal opportunities. In order to ensure our personnel’s necessary qualification standard, we invest in:

1. Basic training
2. Additional training
3. Task-specific instruction
4. Advanced training

Organisational and operational directives are professionally communicated by our team or task force leaders – all of our manpower is IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) certified.

From the outset, our security personnel ensure that assignments are carried out smoothly and efficiently, even in the event of unforeseen situations. Clients are always informed and consulted should any changes be considered necessary. In order to ensure that emergencies are swiftly dealt with, F.B.I.S. constantly monitors any incoming alarm signals. Our emergency call centre with video surveillance (CCTV) is manned 24 hours a day.

We have sufficient personnel resources at our disposal to ensure an immediate and effective response once an alarm has been triggered.

Not least, the outward appearance of our security personnel is, in the truest sense of the word, decisive for the reputation of our clients, whom we indirectly represent. You can depend on us for top-level and consistent uniforms, appropriate for any specific occasion.


Customised security – A result of detailed planning and consistent implementation by efficient and responsible security guards.

Security technology

F.B.I.S uses the most efficient, cutting-edge equipment, technology and weaponry that are properly maintained and used solely by personnel specifically trained in their use. Maintenance personnel and service experts are on constant stand-by. All communications and systems technology is specially selected to meet with the specifics of the security assignment and the extent of risk. They guarantee the security of the property to be guarded, together with all persons and items it may contain, as well as the personnel themselves. Weapons that are carried or used to enforce security of property are properly serviced and securely stored and likewise used solely by security personnel, who possess the necessary experience in the use of such weapons, as well as the statutory permits.

A brief overview of our company’s security equipment, technology and facilities, together with other resources at our disposal:

• Electronic communications media and systems;
• IT hardware and software;
• GPS / GSM vehicle surveillance;
• Vehicles and armoured vehicles;
• Video surveillance (CCTV) with in-house control centre;
• Security robots for areal security, as well as for special assignments;
• Weapons of all kinds;
• Exclusion barriers.


Security technology – we provide communications structures and techniques that are apace with ever growing demands, specifications and the flow of information.

Quality management

In order to keep the quality of our services verifiable and transparent, we have created the FBIS quality management system with management handbook, which is kept up to date with regular supervision and quality control, and revised, when necessary. In the course of ever-faster and more progressive technology and security demands, security concepts and standards can no longer be of a purely statistical nature. For this reason, we offer to conduct inspections of our clients’ existing security and protective measures upon request, or at regular intervals.

The F.B.I.S. quality management system consists of the following components:

1. Company policy;
2. Legal, official and other requirements;
3. Organisational structure and responsibility;
4. Management reviews;
5. Documentation;
6. Procedural and operational directives;
7. Setting of goals;
8. Contract review;
9. Acquisition, supply;
10. Processing and operational control;
11. Monitoring of Inspection equipment;
12. Inspection status;
13. Control of faulty procedures;
14. Corrections and preventive measures;
15. Contingency plans and preventive measures;
16. Handling, storage, packaging, conservation and despatch;
17. Internal audits and controls;
18. Advanced training, awareness and efficiency;
19. Maintenance and customer service;
20. Statistical methods;
21. Communications.


Playing it safe – with the F.B.I.S. quality management system


Exhibitions / Shows
Buena Vista, Chinese National Circus, Golden Gospel, Hair, Muppets, Porsche Presentation, Sesame Street, Tom Gerhardt,

Tattoo Convention, Wilhelm Wagenfeld, etc.

Money and valuables transport:
For reasons of security and discretion, no references are published for this segment.

Festivals / concerts with up to 70,000 visitors:
Back Street Boys incl. child care (HB, HH), BAP, Barry White, Breminale, Caught in the Act, DJ Bobo, Fats Domino, Fledermaus, Groenemeyer, Hurricane (Scheessel), Hard Pop Days, John Denver, Juergen von der Lippe, Kiss, Les Misérables, Meat Loaf, Phantom of the Opera, Peter Maffay (Bad Segeberg), Public Enemy, Puff Daddy, Rock am Ring / Rock in the Park, Run DMC, Swan Lake, Simple Minds, The Cure, Tina Turner, Westernhagen, Wolfgang Petry etc.

Property security / Video surveillance:
Aladin large discotheques and concerts, financial and credit institutions, Alex Large Gastronomy, Beck & Co., Großgastronomie and Club, Footy’s, commercial construction site Wayss & Freytag, commercial construction site: Kthmann, shopping centre Berliner Freiheit, shopping centre Blockdieck, GEWOBA residential estate Osterholz – Tenever, Passage Kattenturm, Plus Retail GmbH, wind energy plants DE- Wind, etc.

Personal security / body guards:
For reasons of security and discretion, we have included only the following references: Aaron Carter, Caught in the Act, Eartha Kitt, Heiko Herrlich, INXS, Michael Jackson, Randy Crawford, Yoko Ono, etc.

Sporting events:
GEWOBA Triathlon, Sat1 ran, Championship and Cup Final celebration of SV Werder Bremen, admittance control for Weser Stadium, etc.

VIP Sector:
Audi Presentation, BSE Health Congress, Deutsche Bank (Opening of the Domshofpassage), Michael Jackson, Porsche Presentation, German Reunification Day, etc.


Extracts from F.B.I.S. references

Security consulting

Assessment and appraisal of existing risks as well as evaluation of possible consequences resulting there from for the company, the project, or any individuals;

Determining the remaining risk and recommendations of possible ways of minimising it.

Security concepts:

Preparing individual security and safety concepts (incl. threat and weak point analysis) that contain all aspects of security; likewise taking strategic and personal aspects into account.


Constant controls by the authorised security consultant effected on-site during the organisational, personnel and technical implementation phase, during which time a precisely-tailored integration of the various security and safety systems is incorporated into the entire system.


Support for incoming security queries; Risk assessment/management


We are always seeking qualified and dedicated personnel for these sectors. To those with strong commitment, flexibility, sound communication and analytical skills and an independent working manner, we can also offer career perspectives at management level.

Based on our background and many years’ security experience, it is the sectors of money and valuables transport, as well as personal security that must be treated with the greatest diligence. These positions demand an impeccable reputation, spotless criminal record, well-ordered financial means, and very good manners.

As a dynamic, privately-owned and operated firm, F.B.I.S. offers the opportunity of vocational training or an apprenticeship to interested and suitable applicants. Below the menu item Training/seminars, you will find a list of our entire training and seminar portfolio. To apply, send us an informative application incl. photograph either per post or email.

Follow us into a secure future

The F.B.I.S. 24-hour emergency service centre (or hot-line) with video surveillance is manned 365 days a year.


F.B.I.S. is active in the areas of money and valuables transport, property protection, personal security, event security, and video surveillance, with its own 24-hour emergency call centre (or: hot-line).