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F.B.I.S. Money and Valuables Transport - direct, prompt and reliable
F.B.I.S. Money and Valuables Transport – direct, prompt and reliable

F.B.I.S. transports:

Medicines and medication, cash, data carriers, confidential documents, precious metals, sensitive spare parts, entry tickets, works of art, examination results, stamps, keys, etc.

Geld- Werttransport

Apart from personal security, the transportation of money and valuables is the most sensitive area of any security company. For security means trust. Smooth implementation requires detailed planning and preparation, as well as consistent operation by our efficient and highly trained security personnel.

For the transport of valuables, we use an armoured, bulletproof vehicle built in accordance with current BDGW guidelines. Be it individual items of value, or deposit boxes, we bring your belongings safely from A to B. For reasons of security, two armed security guards accompany all transports in electronically and mechanically secured vehicles.

Apart from the transportation of money and valuables, we offer additional services of interim valuables storage in our own vaults, courier escort service and transport protection by our personal security teams and bodyguards.

F.B.I.S. employees are trained, over and beyond such basic training as is legally required, in our own schools and advanced training facilities (see menu point: training/seminars) and prepared for their assignments, both in theory and practise, by qualified instructors. This puts us in a position of extreme flexibility when it comes to meeting individual customer demands. Our security manpower in the money and valuables segment has many years’ working experience. Professional equipment and training ensures ideal protection. Our drivers have additional weapons training and all possess the statutory legal permits.