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We have you in our sights
We have you in our sights

F.B.I.S. in-house video centre is manned 24/7.

In case of emergency, immediate contact with police and local service.

Equipment: monitor systems, transceiver software, radio system, cutting-edge communications technology, bulletproof glass, burglary and bulletproof entry and connecting doors.

Documentation on all incidents


It is the self-appointed task of F.B.I.S. to develop ever new and innovative concepts and procedures to provide a higher level of security and a better environment not only in the short-term, but on a long-term basis This is why we invest in ground-breaking projects and are delighted when we can realise these together with our clients.

In order to arrange for more effective surveillance in buildings, larger sites and in housing areas, and to receive immediate alerts, as well as to support preventive security and orderly concepts, we offer a complete, integrated concept with video surveillance and controlling in our own 24-hour emergency call and video centre.

This form of double surveillance has been utilised successfully in the USA for quite some time; in numerous hotels, residential areas and corporate sites. The number of incidents of loss or damage has visibly decreased and the amount of time required for the disturbance to be rectified could also be considerably reduced. Meanwhile, the complete, integrated F.B.I.S. concept has also achieved significant success here at home. The double control of monitoring by security details and video surveillance has mostly been applied in risk and crisis zones, as well as areas of a more upscale genre, e.g. shopping centres and residential districts.

According to individual danger situation assessment, we develop concepts which can include the components of camera surveillance, video centre and on-site security teams. Whether you avail yourself of the video control centre around-the-clock, or only at specific times, is determined by the danger analysis – and ultimately by you, yourself. In the case of low or slight risk of danger, on-site video surveillance without any extra security guards can be sufficient. We are happy to advise you in more detail.